Types of Ceiling in Kenya | Prices, Disadvantages, Advantages

Everyone always likes their houses to look good. Therefore, they come up with different decorating ideas that can make their house attractive. In terms of ceilings, a lot of people would prefer a beautiful and unique ceiling to make them look different from others. Others would choose the most expensive ceilings to achieve the goal of quality. 

Maybe you might be interested in knowing the types of ceilings in Kenya. If that is your point of interest, then you are at the right place.

There are different types of ceiling boards in Kenya, including:

1. Tray Ceiling

A tray ceiling is an inverted ceiling. This means that the centre section is a bit higher than the areas around the perimeter. It goes at a price of approximately Ksh.200 to Ksh.600 per square foot. The price is, however, worth it since having that type of ceiling is an outstanding achievement. 

The ceiling, however, has disadvantages and advantages.

Advantages of Tray Ceiling

  • It adds a different visual feel at home.
  • Cheaper compared to other ceilings.
  • It provides a luxurious effect in one’s house.

Disadvantages of Tray Ceiling

  • The drop-down border can reduce headroom, thus making a small room look even smaller.
  • It is difficult to paint and clean since the ceiling has more edges and is the same height. everywhere

2. Beam Ceiling

You may want to know what a beam ceiling is. This type of ceiling has exposed beams and joints. In many cases, they are typically made of wood. However, the decorative and installation costs could be from Ksh. 18,800 to Ksh. 71,800 on average. The price will depend on the size of the room where the ceiling is installed. 

Despite the fact that the ceiling is attractive and very durable, it also has its cons. Some are listed as follows:

Cons of Beam Ceilings

  • Its installation cost is high.
  • Maintaining beam ceilings is not that easy.
  • Exposed ceilings make the home less energy efficient.
  • There is decreased coziness.
  • There is some difficulty in heating the room due to the extra height of exposed ceilings.

3. Cathedral Ceiling

You may be wondering what a cathedral ceiling is, if that is it, so no need to worry. A cathedral ceiling is one of a kind that consists of straight sides that slope upwards to match the shape of a roof pitch. The sloping sides are, however, parallel to the roof’s pitch. 

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of cathedral ceilings.

Advantages of cathedral ceilings

  • It makes one’s home appear larger.
  • There is an assurance of natural light since the room will be spacious and have big windows.

Despite the fact that it has some advantages, it also has disadvantages.

Disadvantages of cathedral ceilings

  • Its installation cost is very high. For instance, it could cost about ksh.180,000 to install. 

4. Coved Ceiling

A coved ceiling is a rounded curved framing where the wall and ceiling join together. This type of ceiling is primarily used in mosques. 

5. Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceilings are unique in terms of design. They are a series of sunken panels in the shape of a square, octagon, or rectangle. The ceiling is magnificent in a way that you won’t regret installing it. However, its cost is about Ksh.2,500 per square foot. The price will, however, depend on the design one chooses. 

Advantages of coffered ceilings

  • It creates an illusion of a higher ceiling.
  • It absorbs sound and eliminates echo. 
  • If you are that person who loves business, then with this kind of ceiling, you can be able to resell at higher profits. 

Disadvantages of coffered ceilings

  • Higher costs as compared to other ceilings.
  • It requires extra beams to prevent the ceiling from collapsing.

That is a quick summary of ceiling board types and prices in Kenya. 

Prices of Various Ceilings in Kenya

Ceiling prices in Kenya will vary depending on the type of ceiling one wants to install. One will spend less on poor quality ceilings compared to higher quality ceilings. 

There are different types of ceiling materials in Kenya. Some include glass ceilings, metal ceilings, gypsum ceilings, plaster ceilings, synthetic ceilings, wooden ceilings, and fiber ceilings, among others. 

1. Flowered Ceiling Board Prices

A flowered ceiling board’s price in Kenya is Ksh. 1,300 per 8Ft×4Ft×9mm. The price will, however, depend on the shop you are buying from.

2. PVC Ceiling Prices

PVC ceiling prices in Kenya will vary depending on the quality. For instance, an 18ft cornice heavy gauge costs about Ksh.300 to Ksh.350. The lower quality will, however, be cheaper.

3. Gypsum Ceiling Prices

Gypsum ceiling prices in Kenya have a range. This means its cost ranges from Ksh. 2,000 to Ksh. 3,500 per square meter. According to gypsum manufacturers, this type ranges from the simplest to the most complex design. Gypsum ceilings are now among the best and latest ceiling boards in Kenya. Make a difference in your home with gypsum ceilings today. 

4. Chipboard Prices

Chipboard ceilings in Kenya are available in different shops across different regions. They are found at relatively affordable prices, depending on your budget. For a fixed budget, a chipboard ceiling is an excellent option. 

Depending on your budget, you can get the best ceiling boards in Kenya. The ceilings are found in different ceiling shops around the country. The shops sell some of the best-quality products. 

That is a very brief summary of the types of ceiling in Kenya and their costs. I believe you now have an obvious clue about it. If you wish to make your house good-looking, now is the time. 

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