What is The Standard Height of a House in Kenya? (Solved & Explained!)

Houses in Kenya have a standard height to ensure their stability, thus avoiding the collapse of houses, which may lead to loss of lives and property. It is therefore advisable for you as an individual to know the standard height for your house to avoid inconveniences in the near future.

The standard height of a house in Kenya is 2.8 meters from the floor and 2.5 meters from the floor to the ceiling. This height ensures good circulation of air in the house and also maintains cool temperatures, which is favorable. Taller buildings are prone to collapsing as they are considered not stable. 

What is the Height of a Residential House? 

Residential houses are houses where people live together with their families. It can be a storey house or just a normal bungalow. The standard height of a residential house is 2.5 meters from the floor to the ceiling.

How Can I Measure the Height of my House?

To measure the height of your house, you should stand close to the highest part of the roof and measure 45° from the ground to the highest point using a horizontal line. You can then use a sextant-like device to work out the height of your house.

Why Do Houses Have High Ceilings? 

Houses have high ceilings, especially in warmer areas, for stratification of air. This means that hot air would rise as cool air covers the bottom part of the house, maintaining cooler temperatures in the house.

Are 8 ft. Ceilings Too Low? 

Yes, an 8 ft. ceiling is too low as this is a very short house that will not have free circulation of air, so one can easily suffocate in it.

Do 9 ft. Ceilings Add value? 

Yes, 9 ft. ceilings add value as they command higher prices, fetching maximum profits compared to houses with less than 9 ft. ceilings.

NEMA building approvals have made these houses in demand in the modern world. 


In brief, building standards exist to protect people’s safety, public health, and general welfare in the construction industry. This has resulted in even more positive outcomes for the country as a whole.

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