How Long Does It Take To Build a House in Kenya? New Finding

Building your own house is highly preferred by the majority, as you are able to build a house based on your specific style. Moreover, it is cheaper to build your own house than to buy a whole house, which might be costly but not of your taste and preference.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, people have migrated to rural areas in order to settle for a cheaper lifestyle. This calls for them to build houses in the rural areas before relocating. 

It takes an average of three to twelve months to build a good and comfortable house in Kenya. The time frame varies depending on the size of the house, the plan, and the number of workers hired. You can as well speed up the building process by hiring more professional workers, though it is a little bit costly.

Can You Build a House in 100 Days?

Yes, you can build a house in 100 days or even less. It might look tricky, but it’s not. If you want a bungalow or mansion built within the 100 days time frame, then you will have to go for prefabricated houses.

These are simply houses built from materials that were built off-site and shipped to the site during construction. Prefabs are always preferred as they are quite affordable yet they build unique and stylish homes. 

Requirements for Building a House in Kenya

  1. Acquire land.
  2. Have proof of ownership, such as a title deed.
  3. Building plan.
  4. Construction materials such as cement, building stones, steel, roofing sheets, etc.
  5. Financial plan.


Building a comfortable home for yourself is all that is needed in the modern world. Select a house of your choice and ensure you hire a qualified person to avoid the house collapsing in the near future.

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