How Much Does It Cost to Draw a House Plan in Kenya? Fee Breakdown

A house plan is one of the most vital tools before construction as it gives a framework of your house that you want to build. Besides, it acts as a map that gives direction to contractors so that your desired house and the specific styles are achieved.

This helps in avoiding incurring extra costs as a house plan helps you know the maximum amount of money that should be used in construction. 

Perhaps you are asking yourself how much it costs to draw a house plan in Kenya.

The cost of drawing a house plan is an average of 6% to 10% of the total construction cost. With this amount, you will be able to attain a good house plan that is workable in Kenya. This is according to Architects and Quantity Surveyors Act.

I hope you are now enlightened about how much an architect cost to draw plans in Kenya. 

Architectural Fee Breakdown

  1. Project inspection-free of charge.
  2. Outlining of the proposal 1%.
  3. Scheme designing-2.30%
  4. Detailed drawing-3.80%
  5. Work supervision-3%

The cost of designing a house may vary depending on the type of house to be built, size, type of architecture, among others.

Where to Get Architectural Plans 

You can get architectural plans by visiting the county clerk in your residential area, where you will be given blueprints. Besides, you can also get architectural plans online by visiting the following architectural websites:

  2. House


Overall, it is critical to get a highly qualified architect who will design your home based on your specifications at a reasonable cost. Remember that the house plan will always determine the appearance of your house in the future. To avoid financial difficulties before the completion of your home, make good planning.

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