What is The Cheapest Type of House to Build in Kenya? New Updates

Building a house might seem expensive if you lack proper planning of finances and construction materials. Furthermore, there are different types of houses that are cost-effective, making them affordable for you as an individual.

Building a house requires you to follow a certain specific procedure to avoid messing your house up. Aside from that, it is important to hire a qualified person in order to achieve your desired house based on your preferences.

The cheapest type of house to build in Kenya is a prefabricated house, where building materials are constructed by a company and then shipped directly to the construction site. This is the easiest way to build a fancy house at an affordable cost. Prefabricated houses in Kenya are therefore taking the highest rank when it comes to cheap houses in Kenya.

How Cheaply Can You Build in Kenya? 

1. Select the simplest and cheapest house designs.

2. Maximize the new technology as it reduces the cost of labor and materials.

3. Hire professionals to avoid engaging in the destruction of your building. 

4. Buy materials yourself, as you will not be conned by the foreman or the local fundi.

5. When buying materials, you can bargain so as to have discounts, which will help you save a lot of cash.

6. Hire equipment; sometimes buying equipment can be costly. For this reason, you can simply hire the construction equipment at a cheaper cost.

7. Close supervision: work is done perfectly as well as avoiding theft of materials.

8. Avoid building during rainy seasons as rain is a work distraction, more so in construction.

These are some of the tips that you can use to construct a house in Kenya without lots of expenses. 

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Simple House in Kenya?

It costs an average of Ksh. 1,200 per square meter to build a simple house in Kenya. To obtain this, you should select cheap house designs in Kenya.

You may also desire to know the house designs in Kenya and their costs, which range from as low as 100,000 to as high as Ksh. 3,000,000,000 for simple to complex house designs.

Low-cost housing in Kenya is also available for those individuals who are not financially stable.


To sum up, prefabricated homes are the best venture for you as it takes the shortest time to build yet saves you on cost. Aside from that, always select simple designs when you have little cash with you.

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