How Much is a Bag of Cement in Kenya? New Market Prices

Cement is one of the most important building materials on a construction site. Therefore, you should be aware of the prices per bag. Furthermore, you must choose quality cement because the best quality cement will result in a long-lasting building. It is preferable for you to buy cement on your own at the nearest hardware store rather than send your foreperson, as it can significantly increase the cost of your construction.

So how much does cement cost in Kenya? Let us start by looking at different types of cement and their prices per bag so that you can select based on your choice.

A bag of cement costs from as low as Ksh. 500 to as high as Ksh. 975. This cost greatly differs depending on the type of cement and the cement supplier, among other factors.

How Much is a Bag of Simba Cement in Kenya?

Simba Cement is a quality cement offering high strength during construction. The Simba cement price per bag is usually Ksh. 585.

What is the Price of Bamburi Cement? 

Bamburi is the most popular cement supplier in East and Central Africa. Bamburi cement is the best cement for the construction of any type of building.

The Bamburi cement price per bag is an average of Ksh. 709.

How Much is a Bag of Mombasa Cement? 

Mombasa cement is also another well-known quality cement manufactured in Kenya.

Mombasa cement prices per bag range from Ksh. 680 to Ksh. 720. 

How Much is a Bag of Savannah Cement? 

Savannah Cement is an affordable cement brand in Kenya that is used for general purposes.

The Savannah cement price per bag is roughly Ksh. 525.


Cement prices in Kenya have slightly risen due to the high economy in the country. Aside from that, cement is in high demand due to the increase in construction in the modern world.

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