How Much Does It Cost to Roof a House in Kenya? New Prices

Roofing designs determine the total roofing cost that you will spend during construction. It is advisable to select simple but more stylish roofing designs to save on cost. You can also use affordable roofing materials based on your taste and preferences.

Let us look at the cost of roofing regardless of house designs and also the size. Continue reading till the end in order to be enlightened.

It costs a range of Ksh. 45,000 to Ksh. 344,000 to roof a house. This cost includes all the roofing materials plus labour. There is a huge difference in the price range depending on the house design, house size, and labour input, among others.

Cost of Roofing a 3 Bedroom House in Kenya

Three-bedroom houses are always referred to as “family houses.” It is always bigger compared to two or one bedroom houses, so it is accommodative.

Cost of roofing a three bedroom house ranges from Ksh. 74,000 to Ksh. 100,000. This cost of roofing a 3 bedroom house highly differs due to the type of iron sheets and also the roofing design.

How Many Iron Sheets Do I Need For a 3 Bedroom House

You will need 58 to 112 iron sheets for a 3 bedroom house in Kenya. This highly depends on the roofing design used.

Cost of Roofing a 2 Bedroom House in Kenya 

Two-bedroom houses are among the most comfortable houses that you can build. What makes it more fascinating is the affordable cost of building this house.

The cost of roofing a 2 bedroom house in Kenya ranges from as low as Ksh. 50,000 to as high as Ksh. 73,000. 


In summary, the roofing of houses is quite affordable when you select simple roofing designs and also by hiring qualified professionals to avoid inconveniences that might cost you dime. I wish you the very best as you roof your stylish house.

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