How Much Do Social Media Managers Charge in Kenya? (Solved!)

Social media management involves analyzing the people who use social media and making a plan for how to create and share content on social media. It also involves working with influencers, keeping an eye on online conversations, helping the community, and reporting on how well social media is working.

Social media managers’ costs in Kenya range from Ksh. 2000 to Ksh 10,000 for freelancers and Ksh. 10,000 to Ksh 35,000 per month. There are only two factors based on the charges of social media managers in Kenya: the social media management company, which charges monthly, or you can hire a freelancer, for whom you will be required to pay per hour of service.

Without a social media presence, it is now impossible for a business to operate in Kenya’s business market. Social media managers are in charge of coming up with ways to get more attention, running the social campaign, making content, reviewing analytics, and being able to talk to the most important people in a company.

Social Media Packages

Many social media marketing packages in Kenya come in various shapes and sizes and are tailored to different needs. Marketing packages are the range of materials provided by a marketing specialist. Social media marketing packages in Kenya include everything your clients want, like making content, growing brand awareness, developing social media, and interacting with customers on multiple sites.

The following are five examples of social media packaging:

1. Social media advertisement

2. Visual contents creation

3. Community management

4. Social media consulting

5. Onsite content creation

Social Media Rate Card

The influencer’s rate card is a standard document that lists all of the services they offer. It also refers to a rate sheet. It consists of the price per post, the site you use, contact information, and the brands you are willing to work with. Rate sheets are a great way to network with familiar brands and other influencers, offering a simple way to view all the services at once.

A rate card helps establish fair prices for your content and allows the brands to see whether you fit into their budget. It is an incredible resource when considering making influencer marketing your full-time occupation.

It saves time and effort if you are trying to get a deal for a very important brand. When you share many services on social media sites, it may be hard for a brand to keep communicating with you until they find suitable content.

Types of Rate Card

There are different types of rate cards; below are three types used in Kenya:

1. Price cards. These cards are commonly used to calculate the price of jobs to be charged to clients.

2. Revenue card. This type of card is used to calculate the revenue allocated for jobs.

3. Cost cards. These are useful in calculating freight movement costs and pricing for subcontractors or company vehicles.

Kenya Instagram Advertising Cost

Advertisement is the way of communication in which a product, brand, or service is promoted to a viewership to attract the interest, sales, and engagement of customers, and advertisements are always shortened to “ads” or “ads,” which come in many different forms. It may be a copy, picture, or video that has become an essential factor in commercial applications.

Before advertising on Instagram, it would be best to know how much Kenya’s Instagram advertising costs. Usually, the Instagram cost depends on your bidding modes, such as cost per click, cost per impression, and cost per engagement.

Instagram is the best social media network available for advertising products or services. It offers businesses the most cost-effective option for reaching their audience. Instagram ads have higher click-through rates, more options for advanced targeting, higher order values, high conversion rates, and the most engagement.

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