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Online marketing is a set of tools and techniques that are used to promote products and services over the internet. It can also be described as buying and selling goods and services online. Online marketing products have a wider range of marketing tools than traditional business marketing because the internet has more channels and marketing tools.

In Kenya, we have many online marketing sites. Consider the following ten online marketing sites found in Kenya:

1. Jumia

It is the leading recommended online marketing site in Kenya. You can get them on social media, and if you are an internet user, you can come across an online shop on internet platforms such as Facebook and Google.

At the Jumia online market in Kenya, you can buy products online and order anything from fashionable clothes and shoes to mobile phones, electronics, and utensils.

2. Kilimall

This is a reliable online shopping site in Kenya. It has provided you with almost all types of goods and products at reasonable prices. Some categories of products available at Kilimall are phones, clothes, tablets, computers, home appliances, baby products, and health and beauty products. They accept payment on delivery through cash, credit card, and M-Pesa.

3. BuyRent Kenya

This is an online marketing site where you must visit their website to buy or sell a property. You all buy and rent, as the name implies, but only specific land and other properties. You must visit this site for real estate, land, or property to buy or rent.

If you have land or any property you want to sell or rent, you must post it on this site and wait for interested clients to contact you.

4. Fivesok

It is the most widely used marketing strategy in Kenya. It is purely a service-oriented marketing website. It always acts as an intermediary between various service providers and clients. They offer their services for a fee ranging between Ksh. 400 and Ksh. 4000.

5. Foodplus

This online marketing site in Kenya offers a lot of food, drinks, snacks, and vegetables. It is a management company for Chandarana supermarket.

6. Pigiame

This online marketplace in Kenya is a hub for both buyers and sellers. You can buy or sell new products or sell second-hand items. Clients who are interested in any article posted on the site are required to contact the seller for transaction and delivery details.

7. Auto Check

This online market site allows you to get a car on loan through an auto check site to make your dream come true. It is the best online car seller in Kenya, dealing with vehicles and spare parts. You can buy a new car or a used car.

8. Afritech Media

Afritech Media is a digital marketing service based in Nairobi. It provides professional logo design services, web design, and SEO, among others.

9. Bean Interactive

This company offers a variety of digital marketing services, such as social media, search engines, web design, optimization, and lead generation. It is a company that identifies itself as a complete service company.

10. Digilab Marketing Agency

This company offers professional optimization services for search engines and other services such as social media marketing and web design. It has a diversified portfolio.

Online Marketing Companies in Kenya

The following is a list of five online marketing companies in Kenya:

1. SEO

This is a company that uses SEO techniques, which help you get a high ranking in search engine results. It helps to do page optimization and track your search results. It can make your website attractive, provide quality traffic, and improve conversions.

2. Influence Marketing Company

This company was founded in Kenya, which helped establish a dominant online presence. They can help you learn how to make ads and run your social media accounts so that you can make content that is competitive.

3. Website Design

This is the best online marketing company in Kenya, based mainly on website design. They can build a custom website for your particular business needs, and your site will reflect your brand. This company ensures that it meets the marketing requirements.

4. Pay Per Click Management

This is a Kenyan company. Their experts are AdWords certified and create great advertisements that target your audience. They keep track of how well the ads do overall, so you can make smart decisions about your digital marketing strategy.

5. Email Marketing Company

This is a company that offers email marketing in Kenya. They can help you build a subscriber list and create compelling content that makes your emails worth reading. They do their best to ensure your emails are unique and attract customers.

They make custom email templates and newsletters to make sure that your emails don’t get deleted or marked as spam.

6. Aku Digital Solution

This is a one-stop digital marketing company in Nairobi. They provide web design, social media marketing, SEO, branding, and lead generation services to clients of all kinds of companies.

7. Monique M and Digital Company

Monique M. and company, a digital marketing company, are helping your business in the service sector grow their bottom line. This is done through digital marketing experts. They are doing their best to impact their clients and customers by immersing themselves fully into the business and continually finding and implementing avenues for business growth.

8. Dimehub

Dimehub is a company founded in Kenya. Its services are those of a results-driven digital marketing company in Kenya that offers digital marketing services to be better at helping you generate qualified sales. They combine the data-driven approach with knowledge gained in digital marketing to create outstanding results for their clients, such as Nadia Manji, Raveras Limited, and Hayar One Limited, among others.

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