How Do I Start Selling Online in Kenya? | 6 Simple Steps to Follow

E-commerce is simply another term for online sales. It is the sale and purchase of goods, products, and services over the Internet. Customers don’t have to come to your store to buy your products. It includes small, medium, and large-scale businesses or organizations. Online business is the best way to boost sales, make customers much happier, and make things run more smoothly.

You can start selling online in Kenya by following the six steps described below:

1. Choose The Products to Sell

When you want to start selling online, you must first decide what kind of goods you will trade according to your target audience. This is the best and arguably most important decision you will make, as it will determine the demand for your goods, price, and profit.

Most people interested in starting an e-commerce business may think this is the hardest decision because they don’t have an exact audience to target.

To choose what to sell online, consider the following three factors:

(i). It Should Be Profitable

Profitability is the most critical factor in any business that should be considered, and if you fail to do that, you may fail in your business and suffer losses, so don’t forget to factor in things such as shipping and packaging. and marketplace fees.

(ii). Reasonable Demand for Products

When you have decided what kind of goods you will sell, you should then find out whether there is demand for the product. The majority of the mistakes are made by new sellers in Kenya who divide into specific products without first checking demand.

(iii). Peer Pressure in Business

This is the competition among the competitors. Competition can drive down your profit if there is insufficient demand to meet it. When sellers are competing with similar products, they must know the tactics to earn a profit.

2. Find Suppliers

When you have decided what kind of products you will sell online, now is the time to find a reliable supplier for the same products. This is the second time-consuming part of selling online. Suppliers are the most crucial business partners, so you must choose the right one. A good supplier must be able to negotiate with business people, be trustworthy, and be easily contacted.

3. Products Cost

Consider finding out the market price of the products you are interested in selling. It would be best to find reputable suppliers to buy quality goods at an excellent price to make a good profit. Research, figuring out prices, and figuring out costs are all part of the costs of sourcing products. You should negotiate with suppliers to lower your purchasing costs so you can sell at prices that people can afford.

4. Delivery Cost

Because of the higher delivery cost, your customers may decide not to purchase goods and products from you. Before you start selling online, you must calculate the delivery cost, how much courier services will change, and which unexpected delivery charges may be discovered.

The cost of shipping may vary based on where the goods are going and how far the seller is from the buyer.

5. Transaction Cost

If you are running an online business in Kenya, you may need to make transactions every time you make an online payment. When buying, selling, or exchanging goods or services, transaction costs are incurred.

6. Marketing Cost

Marketing costs are all the expenses your business will make to market and sell its products, including the development and promotion of the brand. Marketing costs will be determined by factors such as advertising costs, total revenue, and what you can afford in your business.

Where Can I Sell Online in Kenya?

When you want to start selling your products online but don’t have the site to post on, here are the five top sites that can help you sell your products:

1. Amazon

2. Bonanza

3. Facebook marketable


5. Ebay

Best Products to Sell Online in Kenya

When considering starting an online business in Kenya, you must consider what kind of goods and products you should sell. Depending on who you want to sell to, you need to think about different types of products.

Here are the five best products to sell online in Kenya:

1. Car Parts and Accessories

These are the main products to sell online. There are plenty of spare parts for vehicles, and you need to figure out what people need to buy. Most companies are selling car roof racks, which is an excellent idea during the summer.

2. Rugs

Rugs are evergreen products that will never be damaged. Most people love some good rugs in their living room, bedroom, and other corners of their homes.

3. Fashion Accessories and Jewelry

Fashion accessories and jewelry are the best categories of products to sell online. This type captures the majority of e-commerce companies because it is never damaged. Many people, especially women, always want to look good with fashionable accessories and jewelry.

4. Electronic and Technology Products

Electronics and technology are the best products to be sold on the internet since they are rapidly growing. These are products that are topmost bought online. The most popular technology products in Kenya are mobile phones and computers.

Mobile phones are very cheap; hence, they are affordable and convenient for consumers, and mobile phone use has increased the use of mobile accessories. Other affordable products related to phones are selfie sticks, headsets, and phone cases.

5. Toys

This product is one of the best-selling items online. However, the majority of these items are aimed at parents and children. Parents need toys for their kids for recreational purposes, emotional development, and mental growth.

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