How Much Do Google Ads Cost in Kenya? (How to Pay for Google Ads)

Google ads refer to Google advertisements. It is a product you can use to advertise your business or service and bring more people to the Google website. Google Ads is an online advertising program in which you must create ads in order to reach people who are specifically interested in the products or services you provide. It always appears after your search results.

The cost of a Google ad in Kenya ranges from Ksh 5,000 to Ksh 15,000 per month. The price depends on factors such as business and industrial ads, among others. The payment is made according to the number of clicks on the ads.

You can use Google Ads to bid on specific keywords and determine how much you will pay for each click on your advertisement since Google Ads work on an auction system. If users search for a particular keyword you have selected, your bid should be higher than what others have been offering for the same keyword, and your advertisement will appear at the top of search results with a small tag.

Factors of Google Ads

Here are five things that affected whether the Google Ads campaign worked or not:

1. Ads Copy

This is an essential factor to be considered, and if you are targeting the right keywords, you will get the ads in front of the results you searched. The suitable ad copy motivates the users to click on it. The ad copy, along with your keywords, directly influences your clickthrough rate.

There are four ad copies that help to improve the effectiveness of your ads. Namely:

I. Incorporate keywords. Each keyword you target has a quality score. The higher the score, the more your ads appear at a lower rate.

II. The value of your offer: Your services or products should be different from those of your competitors. Sell your specific value to the prospective customers.

III. Call to action- It invites people to prospective students to take action via words such as ‘Register Now’ or ‘Apply Today.’

Iv. Create 1-4 variations of your ads and review their performance. The default ad’s performance can then be improved.

2. Landing Page

You can easily waste all the work you’ve done so far if you send a potential customer to a website that isn’t set up for mobile devices. Some organizations cannot understand the landing page’s importance, which always results in minimal leads.

Under the landing page, the following are four factors that must be considered:

a). Provide a mobile number; these factors will install trust by allowing potential customers to talk to real people. It also provides a way for them to reach out if they have difficulty filling out forms.

b). Use active voice: Your page copy must use active voice to encourage people and evoke emotion.

c) Include at the end: You must include at least one call to action. Make sure it is easy for your student to take the next step.

d). Make it simple: It would be best if you avoided the clutter and destruction of your main website.

3. Keywords

This is the primary targeting tool for Google ads. This is why it is more effective than other social media ads. Three factors identify which keyword to target, as listed below:

I). You can use your web software to find keywords that will help people use search engines to find your original website.

II). You should use Google keywords to identify meaningful keywords to target. This tool will make recommendations and indicate the competition for the keywords.

III). Review your site and search for keywords that visitors use to find content on your website.

4. Measures

On Google Ads, if someone clicks your ad and does anything else with your business, such as downloads a purchase or makes an order, you will know.

Google ads can cost more or less depending on how many impressions, clicks, and conversations they get. Google Ads programs make tracking impressions and clicks simple. When you are not tracking the Google Ads campaign, you are wasting your money and have no way to connect your ad spend.

5. Target

Target gives you the ability to reach many people with your ads. If you use different targeting options for your Google ads, you might get more results, but you won’t get any leads. Google ads offer different ways of targeting, including ad location, age, device, frequency, language, geography, and days.

How Do I Pay for Google Ads in Kenya? 

Google ads are managed online. It helps to sell new products, for which you will be required to advertise them so that many people can see them. Google is the most popular search engine in Kenya. Since more people use Google than other social media, it is a good idea to advertise on Google.

You can pay for your Google ad using any payment method available in Kenya. It has two steps to make your payment. You go to your Google Ads account, navigate to the billing summary page, and click Payment. When you are on the billing summary, you can choose any payment methods you want to use with your ad account.

If you do not pay for the Google ads, your account may be suspended until you make payments. Remember that unless you paid, your account information, such as your credit card and personal contact information, would be flagged.

On Google Ads, every time a person clicks on the ad, it costs about Ksh 150, and you can make an average of Ksh 250 if someone clicks on your ads.

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