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In recent years, there has been an increase in the demand for skilled software developers. As a result, software development is one of the most marketable courses in Kenya. Software development training in Kenya entails teaching students the skills required to create software using development tools and programming languages.

Here are the best software development schools in Kenya:

1. Moringa School

Moringa School mainly offers software development programs.

The quality of their programs is top-notch. In addition, you get to work on corporate projects after graduating in software development.

2. Zalego School

Zalego School is typically known for its program in mobile development. However, they also have other programs in web development, data science, and data administration.

3. Ubunifu School

Ubunifu School offers programs in software development, blockchain development, and robotics.

4. Africa Leadership Accelerator (ALX)

ALX offers technology programs in software development and data science.

You can learn software development at the mentioned best programming schools in Kenya.

The course duration for software development in these schools is less than one year (12 months).

Universities and Colleges Offering Software Development Programs

1. K.C.A University

K.C.A University offers various courses, including the Bachelor of Science in Software Development.

The learners are taught the practical skills to design, develop, and implement software solutions for commercial purposes.

Those with a background in coding and programming are best suited for software development courses to improve their skills and knowledge.

2. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology Kakamega

They offer a diploma in software development.

Entry requirements: –

A minimum grade of C- in KCSE with at least D+ in English and maths

Course duration: Three years, equivalent to six semesters (two semesters per year)

Colleges Offering Diploma in Software Development

1. Africa Digital Media Institute, Nairobi.

2. Zalego Institute, Westlands.

3. Turkana University College Lodwar.

4. Institute of Professional Software Engineers IPSE, Nakuru

5. Star Institute of professionals, Mombasa

6. East Technical college, Chuka

7. Modcom College, Nairobi

8. Shalom IT Center, Nairobi

Is Software Developer a Good Career in Kenya?

Software developers are the ones responsible for creating computer programs in Kenya.

Yes, being a software developer is a promising career in Kenya. There are so many opportunities for software developers in Kenya.

How Much Does a Software Developer Earn?

The salary of a software developer in Kenya depends on a number of factors, most notably the company they are working with. In addition, the level of experience will also determine how much one is paid.

For instance, the average salary for an entry-level software developer with less than one year of experience is Ksh. 500 000 per year, while those with one to four years earn an average salary of Ksh. 750,000 per year.

A Safaricom software developer earns an average salary of Ksh. 150,000 per month, while other companies mostly pay Ksh. 100,000 per month for those with more than five years of experience.

Various Types of Software Developers in Kenya

Application Software Developers

They are responsible for designing computer applications for specific customers’ or commercial purposes.

In addition, they create programs that are used over the internet.

System Software Developers

They are responsible for creating systems that ensure computers function properly. These systems include operating systems (O.S.)

Technical Skills Necessary for Software Developers

Software developers should have hands-on experience in some of the most commonly used programming languages. The various computer languages include C++, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Java, and XML.

In addition, software developers should also be familiar with operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris.

Furthermore, they must know how databases work, such as MySQL and Oracle.

In conclusion, software developers must have a strong background in programming and must keep up-to-date with new tools and programming languages.

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