Best Programming Schools in Nairobi | 10 Places to Learn Coding

Programming schools, also known as coding schools, offer intensive training to students who want to become software engineers in Kenya. They offer the necessary skills to develop programs and applications using programming and text-based languages. This guide is about some of the best programming schools in Nairobi.

You will be able to find some of the best programming schools in Nairobi.

10 best programming schools in Nairobi

Here is a list of some of the best schools in Nairobi where one can learn coding:

1. Ubunifu College

Ubunifu offers full-stack software development, data science, blockchain, and artificial intelligence programs.

Students participate in a weekly project presentation and evaluation.

No prior experience is required in order to enroll at Ubunifu College.

Ubunifu College partnered with Qwetu to provide fully furnished student residences.

Location: Karen and Parklands

2. Moringa School

Some of Kenya’s top coders trained at Moringa School. Moringa is arguably Kenya’s best programming school. As a result, some of the top companies in Kenya prefer to hire developers who have undergone training at Moringa School.

They offer training in programming languages such as JavaScript, Bootstrap, Python, and HTML, among others.

They offer a prep course in software development, after which one can choose to specialize in Web development or Android development.

Location: Ngong Lane Plaza,1st Floor, Nairobi


Visit their website:, for more details

3. Andela

Andela Bootcamp offers a program in software development skills that the job market requires. Their coding bootcamps equip one with software development skills. The coding skills can also be applied to solving real-world problems.

4. Tech Camp

Tech Camp offers web development, Python programming, and Bootstrap courses.

It has partnered with IBM, Python, PostgreSQL, and Google Cloud.

5. Computer Pride

Computer Pride is among the oldest programming schools in Nairobi.

They are best known for web design and development.

In addition, they offer short courses in artificial intelligence (AI), data science, cyber security, and networking.

Furthermore, they offer hands-on experience training in C#, Java SE

Location: JKUAT Towers, 1st Floor, Kenyatta Avenue

6. Africa Advanced Level Telecommunication (AFRALTI)

AFRALTI is also one of the top coding schools in Kenya, located in Nairobi. Their training majorly focuses on Python Programming and networking courses.

You can use other programming languages if you are interested since they have qualified instructors who are also professionals in different fields.

Location: Waiyaki Way, Adjacent to the Communication Authority of Kenya. They also have a branch in Nairobi’s CBD.


7. iLab Africa

iLab Africa offers programs in coding and robotics for kids.

In addition, they offer career mentorship and leadership to young women through FemTechies Program.

Location: Strathmore University

8. DigiKids

Digikids offers coding classes for kids during holidays and over the weekends. This is your best shot for parents looking for the best coding schools for their kids in Nairobi!

They ensure that the little ones develop a good foundation and passion for technology.

In addition, if you want your child to build an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), you should consider enrolling at Digikids.

The program targets kids between the ages of six years and 17 years.

Location: Strathmore

9. eMobilis

eMobilis offers a program in full-stack software development, website design, data science, and Python, among many others.


10. Inceptor Kenya

They offer web development, mobile application development, and graphic design training.


Requirements for Programming Schools

If you are in love with technology and have a great passion for programming, visit any of the best coding schools mentioned above in Nairobi, and you will not regret it.

Moringa School Requirements

1. No prior training in technology is required. However, if you have previous training in technology, it is an added advantage. Those with backgrounds such as marketing and accounting can also learn programming, provided they have a passion for it.

2. Learners must have a personal laptop and bring it to class for the programs

3. Those under the core program must be available on a full-time basis

4. Those under the prep program can either choose between a five-week full-time and a ten-week part-time

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