How Much Is Web Hosting in Kenya? Examples of Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting is a great service that lets people and businesses put websites or webpages on the internet. A “web host provider” is a company that gives a website or webpage the technology and services it needs to be seen on the internet.

Web hosting costs range from Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 5,000 monthly and Ksh 6,000 to Ksh 15,000 annually. The price depends on the need for your organization to serve its goals. Every website needs web hosting to work online. Understanding the hosting cost is essential to making a purchasing decision.

When it is time to launch a website, you must understand the key factors when it comes to the pricing, which is the most important factor in hosting, and if you fail to do that, you may spend a lot of money. You must hire a web host to effectively host your site on their server on the internet. Web hosting providers come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide range of features, costs, and types of hosting.

Types of Web Hosting in Kenya

There are different types of web hosting in Kenya, but the main ones are four, as listed below:

1. VPS web hosting

2. Dedicated web hosting

3. Shared web hosting

4. Reseller web hosting

What Are the Web Hosting Companies in Kenya?

Many companies specialize in web hosting in Kenya. Here are nine companies that offer website hosting in Kenya today:

1. Bluehost

This is the cheapest company that offers web hosting in Kenya. It has a global presence and hosts some large brands. It’s an international company that has about 2.5 million subscribers. It also offers free domains.

Bluehost has a money-back guarantee for clients who do not enjoy the services offered. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology that lets a server and a client communicate securely over an encrypted link. All subscribers get an SSL certificate for free.

2. Safaricom Web Hosting

Safaricom is one of the best companies in Kenya for telecommunications. It offers hosting and communication services. These functions allow you to create business domains. 

It has different benefits. Below are five of them:

a). Websites and email hosting

b). Online self-service provision

c). Free website builder

d). Easy to use and affordable

e). Payment is made once a year before the activation of services

3. Godaddy

This is a worldwide hosting organization with an affordable solution for its clients. This company has more facilities than the other companies for its potential customers. Thus, it is not limited by anything in making decisions. The site gives clients access to the most complete cloud platform, which helps them better serve their customers.

4. Hostpoa Web Host

This is one of the companies offering cheap web hosting services in Kenya. It has the best web page interfaces, unlike the others. It provides the most affordable services with fantastic value for hosting domains.

Due to its low cost, you can start your business with the little capital you have. This also has clear plans with varying amounts of bandwidth and storage space to meet the needs of everyone.

5. True Host Kenya

A good host in Kenya provides fast, secure, and dependable domain, web hosting, and email services. It has both good and bad online reviews, but the number of good reviews is always higher than the number of bad reviews.

6. Move the Host

It is the first website listed with cheap web hosting services in Kenya. It offers various services to its clients, including domain registration. Its web hosting tool comes with preinstalled scripts to make work easier.

7. Web Host Kenya

This is a Kenyan company with the best web hosting that provides shared web hosting services for clients who do not require a lot of storage space. The clients of this company include bloggers, web designers, and small businesses.

8. Movetech Solutions

Movetech offers cheap web hosting and is also reliable for clients. It also provides domain registration services at a lower cost. It has various plans that allow you to subscribe at a lower price. Its program includes a basic, free plan and a silver plan.

9. Kenya Website Experts

This company ranks as the cheapest web hosting company in Kenya. It hosts more than 50,000 websites in Kenya and outside of Kenya, making it an expert with a large number of domain holders in Kenya.

This company offers cheap domain registrations. It works 24/7 to support its clients. It contains more than 2,000 clients who are happy with the services in Kenya. It also has website packages available annually as follows:

1. 30 GB web hosting at Ksh 2,500

2. 70 GB web hosting at Ksh 7,000

3. 100 GB web hosting at Ksh 10,000

4. Unlimited GB web hosting at Ksh 15,000

Website Maintenance Cost in Kenya

Updating a website, making it run smoothly and efficiently, and improving its performance are all parts of maintaining a website. It makes sure that all the links on your website are always up-to-date, working well, and fixed when they stop working. Visitors from a search engine need to go to a website that is kept up-to-date and where new content is added regularly.

The cost of web maintenance in Kenya ranges between Ksh 2, 000 and Ksh 15, 000 per month. The price depends on the time it takes to perform the maintenance. Consider below the cost and time of web maintenance.

1. Ksh. 2,000 remains active for one week.

2. Ksh. 4,000, active for two weeks.

3. Ksh. 5,000, active for three weeks.

4. Ksh. 12,000, active for one month

Website maintenance helps you control and keep your website’s contents fresh. It is allowing you to increase web traffic and draw more attention to your website. Websites need to be updated regularly with new content and graphics, as well as the latest information about the products and services your business offers.

Importance of Web Maintenance in Kenya

Maintaining the website has more benefits, including the following five:

1. Support 24/7

2. Backups

3. Security and update

4. Website analytic

5. Search Engine Optimization

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