How Do I Start an Advertising Agency in Kenya? (Solved & Explained!)

An advertising agency is a company that helps its clients get their products or services known and sold. In Kenya, an advertising agency is a type of digital marketing service. Agencies are people who have special skills and knowledge and are well-versed in business marketing and the behavior of the consumer. Experts put their skills together to make an ad for their clients that describes how an organization helps its clients use advertising to market their products and services.

To become an advertising agency in Kenya, consider the following steps, as stated below:

1. Business Plan

When you want to start an advertising agency in Kenya, you must begin with a well-detailed business plan for your agency. The business plan has many goals, but for this article, we’ll just talk about the three most important ones:

  • Setting your business’s focus.
  • Getting funding.
  • Attracting the top leaders who can help you run your business.

When considering the business plan, include the following elements in your planning process:

(a). Organization name: This is what defines your company or organization.

(b). Financial plan: This will help you know your expenses and how you will make money to sustain operations.

(c). Market analysis: This factor is based on your target clientele in your advertising business.

(d). Service overview: You should understand what services or products you will offer your clients.

(e). Executive summary: This describes the work of your advertising agency.

2. Pricing Model

There are different pricing models that you can use to charge your customers, and the best one depends on the type of advertising agency you are and how you handle your clients. It would be best to decide whether you will charge per hour, per project, or according to the retainer model, where clients pay an agreed amount in advance for a particular duration of service. Different types of payment can help you meet clients’ needs and allow them to stay on budget.

3. Advertising Field

This is a dynamic industry that will need you to be in touch with all developments in the organization if you plan on becoming successful. If you haven’t signed up for the company’s newsletters, you should be ready for any problem.

4. Build a Website

When your business does not have a website or online presence, it is almost entirely invisible to a large section of its potential market. The only way to help you overcome this is by building a great website detailing your firm’s functions.

Under this factor, you should include your contact information and anything your potential clients will require to know more about your work, have a link in every ad, and keep your website updated to be reliable and professional.

5. Brand

Your organization’s name should fit your brand. Most business owners focus on the business logo before naming it. A unique logo spells out what you are doing for your clients.

How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost in Kenya?

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that uses the internet to promote and sell services or goods. There are many ways to reach your target audience online, such as through emails, social media networks, and search engines.

The cost of digital marketing services in Kenya ranges between Ksh. 20,000 and Ksh. 70,000 for small businesses and Ksh. 70,000 and Ksh. 200,000 for a large digital marketing organization. The cost depends on the size of the business you want to start, but if you want to be among the top marketers in Kenya, you have to start with a big company.

Using digital marketing strategies will help you define your goals, target the audience, and develop digital marketing, which is the best way to reach the audience. The process will give a program a clear direction and a way to evaluate its results.

Digital Marketing Packages

Marketing packages are the range of materials that a marketing specialist provides. It comes in different sizes, needs, and shapes. The value of marketing packages depends on what your business requires. You should keep many things in mind before reaching out to your agency and agreeing to packages, such as the services you will need, your goals, your budget, and the sector in which you will operate.

There are different types of digital marketing packages in Kenya. Here are the three main packages used in marketing:

(i). Basic and starter packages

(ii). Full services marketing packages

(iii). Business development packages

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