Which is The Cheapest Car to Maintain in Kenya? Surprising Facts

Different car manufacturers have different types of cars with different specifications. There are some companies that have specialized in designing heavy machines, while others in small machines.

Some manufacturers have manufactured vehicles that are cheap, not only in terms of price but also in terms of maintenance. You will notice that their spare parts are easily available in case there are some mechanical issues. 

Here is a list of the top 8 cheapest cars to maintain in Kenya: 

1. Mazda Demio

Among the cheapest cars to maintain here in Kenya is the Mazda Demio. This vehicle is subcompact and its size is amazing too. It comes with an engine power of 1300 to 1500 cc. The most interesting part of all is in terms of fuel consumption. The vehicle consumes fuel at a rate of 15 km per liter. Its price will be from as low as Ksh. 600,000 averagely.

2. Nissan Wingroad

Among the best vehicles that Nissan has ever manufactured is the Nissan wingroad. This vehicle is economical in terms of fuel consumption. It is a wagon-type vehicle that comes with five doors.

It is cheap to maintain as compared to other Nissan types. This is because its spare parts can easily be accessed all over. 

3. Toyota Belta

The Belta is one of the most fuel efficient cars in Kenya. It has amazing specifications to suit different clients’ needs.

The Belta is highly affordable. As a matter of fact, its price starts at as low as Ksh.500,000 after it was discontinued back in 2016. 

4. Honda Fit

The Honda Fit has always been ranked among the cheapest cars to maintain. The vehicle comes with an engine capacity of 1500cc. In addition, it consumes 18 km/l of fuel. This makes it affordable.

In terms of spare parts, they are readily available and, therefore, you won’t have a hard time getting them. The cost can be from as low as Ksh.400,000 onwards. 

5. Toyota Vitz

The Toyota Vitz is a popular car here in Kenya. The majority of people use the Vitz since it has winning advantages over other vehicles. The Vitz is a sub-compact vehicle. This makes it easy to maintain in terms of repair and cleanliness too.

It comes in different transmission and engine capacities, starting at 996cc. In terms of fuel consumption, the Toyota Vitz is the game changer and the best in that sector. This makes it fall under the category of the cheapest car to maintain in Kenya. 

6. Honda Civic

Among the best vehicles one can wish to own is the Honda Civic. This vehicle comes with a 1.0 to 1.5-litre engine. Its fuel consumption is economical too; the vehicle consumes 18km/l.

What makes it even simpler to maintain is its battery. The battery doesn’t necessarily need to be charged. It charges itself when the vehicle is in motion. 

7. Nissan Note

If you are looking for a car that consumes less fuel in Kenya, then the Nissan Note is one of the kinds of car. What makes it consume a lesser amount of fuel is its engine capacity, which is 1500cc.

The good thing about the note is that it is a multi-purpose vehicle and therefore can perform any type of task. Its spare parts can also be easily accessed. 

8. Nissan Tiida

The Nissan Tiida is one kind of vehicle that has been marketed ever since 2004. The vehicle comes with an engine capacity of 1500cc and a fuel consumption rate of 15km/l.

These features make it fall under the category of the cheapest car to maintain. 

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