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When it comes to communication, language plays a very fundamental role. Different countries speak different languages that they understand. The language itself brings about unity and togetherness among the people. There are a lot of languages in the world, as a matter of fact. However, we are concerned about the Chinese language.

The Chinese language is among the simplest languages on earth. If you don’t know this language, you can learn it until you get there. You may want, or rather, have a desire to learn Chinese, but you are not sure where to start from. If this is the case, then worry less since you are at the right place. 

Where to Learn Chinese in Nairobi

Here are a few mentioned places where to learn Chinese in Nairobi:

  • KCA University Kitengela campus.
  • University of Nairobi.
  • Kenyatta University. 

Colleges Offering Chinese Language Courses

There are also some colleges offering Chinese language courses in Kenya. Such colleges include

  • Westford International Training College.
  • Mukira Technical Training Institute.
  • Tecqskills Professionals.
  • Mahanaim Educational Institutes.

These are among the few colleges offering Chinese language courses in Kenya. 

Confucius Institute Kenya

Confucius institute Kenya is very popular when it comes to teaching the Chinese language. For instance, the Confucius Institute—University of Nairobi has qualified Chinese lecturers, who have the responsibility of ensuring that Chinese is well learnt and understood.

If it is your desire to learn Chinese, you can take the initiative of looking at the Confucius Institute University of Nairobi fees structure and enrolling in the UON Chinese course program. 

Chinese Language Course Fees

The Chinese language course fees aren’t that expensive. The fee is affordable for anyone willing to learn. For instance, the Confucius Institute tuition fee is about Ksh. 32,950 for the first semester and about Ksh. 28,350 for the second semester. 

Learn Chinese online for free today by simply finding legitimate sites online. All you need is practice, and you will be able to master the language in no time.

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