Where to Hire a Graduation Gown in Nairobi | 3 Best Places, Affordable Prices

There is a large selection of quality graduation gowns for all levels in Nairobi, including kindergarten through high school, with the option to purchase an accessory cap and sash. In addition, certificate graduation gowns, diplomas, or bachelor’s degree specific outfits are available as well. They also stock pastoral robes, which are crafted according to your needs.

Besides, if you’re looking for something more personalized than just the standard styles that can be found elsewhere, they’ll stitch it up to create the ideal look you desire on your special day.

There are various places where you can buy graduation gowns, get gowns for hire, and much more.

The following are the top suppliers for all levels of graduation gowns, thus places where to hire graduation gowns in Nairobi:

1. Recco Centre

Street: Serenity Road, next to Ambo Gardens, Lavington, Nairobi, Kenya.

info@reccotuitionandgowns.co.ke www.reccotuitionandgowns.co.ke

Call: +254 722 808 764 | +254 782 808 768

WhatsApp: +254 722 808 764

2. Best-G-G

PO Box 1130-0100 Nairobi West T Mall round about

Phone: (254) 720-910072

Email: info@graduationgowns-kenya.co.ke

3. Sea LTD


Embu centre


Email: gownsea@gmail.com

These places are the best suppliers of graduation gowns for hire in Kenya. 

There are also graduation gowns for hire in Eldoret at affordable prices based on your taste and preferences. 


To summarize, graduation gowns play an important role in indicating an individual’s advancement and achievement. Quality graduation gowns for all levels are available in a variety of appealing styles at an affordable price. Furthermore, you can request that your one-of-a-kind gown be stitched up before your graduation day.

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