How to Make a Mobile App in Kenya | Step-by-Step Guide

Mobile apps have become the trend in town and have dominated the country. When you look closely, many businesses have majored in investing in mobile apps with a lot of energy. Yes, having a mobile app for your business is very important. Many people will prefer apps that allow people to reach them virtually and quickly at the same time. However, the apps are created or developed. That brings us to the big question of how to make a mobile app in Kenya. Keep reading to find out more about that.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a mobile app here in Kenya:

1. Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is fundamental before you create your mobile app. If you are making the app for business purposes, it should include the details that generally target your audience. If the app is for some other purpose, there is a critical need to consider the people who will be using it. That will help the app reach more people, thus increasing its chances of making money.

2. Always Have Goals

Having goals for the app you will create is fundamental. Some of the goals that are required of you are as follows;

1. How will you market the app

2. What are the target issues to be solved

3. How are you going to make the app appealing to your target audience

4. What is the purpose of your app

5. The impact the app will have on users’ lives

6. With those goals in mind, you can be sure of having an excellent mobile app.

3. Conduct the Necessary Research

Usually, research plays a significant role in the general application-making process. Before beginning the general development, you must know things like the prices required for the entire app-making operation, know if the app will bring some profits, and understand how you can market the app, among many other things. With good research, there are higher chances that you will have success in the making process.

4. Identify the Approach

Approach tends to play a crucial role in the entire app-making process. Typically, three practical approaches are known. These are hybrid, web, and native. The hybrid approach is considered the latest approach in app design. Developers use native languages to improve web codes and create unique features.

On the other hand, the web approach is always cheaper and faster compared to hybrid and native. With native apps, you will need to spend a lot of money and time. However, you can deliver the best user experience.

5. Hire a Team

Hiring a team is among the most fundamental steps in making a mobile app. Usually, you must hire developers, designers, and graph technicians while creating an app. The team will play important roles in the decision-making process. It is, however, recommended that you find a well-qualified team for better results. Investing in a strong team is what you have to consider in the process.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App in Kenya?

It typically costs between Ksh. 40, 000 and Ksh. 2, 000,000 to build a mobile app in Kenya. The cost of developing the applications varies greatly according to their complexity. Usually, the higher price is for more complex apps, and the lower cost is for less complicated apps. You should go without hesitation if you can afford to pay for complex apps.

How Can I Create My Own Mobile App?

1. Come up with an idea for the app

2. Based on your needs, build a native app

3. Create the app with an app builder to avoid coding

4. Test the app with devices

5. Submit and publish the apps on relevant stores

Can a Beginner Create An App?

Yes, a beginner can create an app. Most of the time, though, you should hire a professional developer to make an app for you. Besides being expensive, there will be great assurance that they will deliver the best of their work. To avoid making as many mistakes as possible, it’s best to hire professionals for your job.

Do Apps Cost Money?

Yes. Apps cost money. Paid apps, for instance, do. The price may differ depending on the type. For instance, you will realize that specialized apps will cost more than other apps.

Are you wondering how difficult it is to code an app? Yes, coding an app is somehow challenging. However, with the advancement of the latest technology, there are a lot of tools and resources that make coding a lot easier. You may have learned how to code from tutorials, or you can use app-building software for the coding process.

What Skills Do I Need to Create an App?

1. Communication skills

2. Design

3. Writing skills

4. Business Analysis

5. User Interface and experience

How Do App Developers Get Paid?

App developers get paid in various ways. They may be paid based on the number of video views and clicks. Also, they may find some developing contracts with clients and still get paid on contract terms.

Do I Need to Know Coding to Make An App?

No. You don’t necessarily need to know code to make an app. You can build an app without using even a single line of code. You will, however, require an app builder that will enable you to handle all your needs collectively. However, you must know some coding basics.

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