How to Apply For TSC Transfer Online Easily No Long Lines

Teachers transfer online has made life easier for teachers because they can serve themselves from the comfort of their own home. Furthermore, manual application was extremely exhausting because one had to walk from office to office in order to seek transfer. The majority of teachers value the services provided by TSC’s online operations because they save them money and time.

Perhaps you are unsatisfied with your current school and want to know how to apply for a transfer online. Do not be concerned because I will serve you properly with various important information that you require. Keep an eye out.

Let me show you the procedure on how to apply for TSC transfer online:

1. Open this link in your browser.

2. Key in your details such as TSC number, ID number, and mobile phone number in order to log in to the TSC Transfers online application portal.

3. A display of your teaching status will be seen on your screen, indicating whether you are a primary or high school teacher.

4. Select the request for a transfer option.

5. Fill in the TSC transfer form correctly.

6. Key in the required details in the declaration box.

7. Click on the OK button where the system will automatically display the current school and the requested county.

8. Attach the required documents as requested. You can download and print the online teacher transfer application.

9. Press submit to complete the TSC application process.

10. The TSC online transfer status will change to pending.

11. TSC transfer approval will now be done by your head teacher or principal.

12. This is how easy it is to apply for a TSC transfer if you are not really comfortable with the place you are teaching in.


In summary, online teacher transfer is one of the best TSC moves that has resulted in more good for teachers. It allows teachers to pursue their passions without any constraints.

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