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Online marketing is the promotion of brands to engage with key customers over the internet or any other kind of digital communication; hence, it is synonymous with digital marketing. You can also describe it as any sort of online advertising or marketing. It is an umbrella phrase for marketing channels that include social network posts, paid advertisements, emails, and multimedia messages.

The cost of online marketing in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 50,000 to Ksh. 100,000 for a medium-sized online business, and a considerable online store costs around Ksh. 100,000 to Ksh. 200,000. There is no fixed price for starting any business in Kenya. It only matters depending on the size of the shop you want to create.

Starting an online marketing campaign does not necessitate a large initial investment. The majority of individuals tend toward online marketing to avoid infections such as the coronavirus, which harms numerous businesses, particularly storefronts. Online business establishment in Kenya will depend on a growing trend.

Importance of Online Marketing

The growth of technology has led to efficiency in online marketing. It has helped many businesses to grow.

Below are five reasons why online marketing matters:

1. Affordable

Online marketing is considered cheap compared to other marketing methods. The prices vary based on what you are doing, but ads are less expensive than other forms of marketing.

2. Interactivity

Online marketing allows you to communicate with customers who see your content, messages, reviews, and social media posts. You can communicate directly. It shows all your essential customers that you care about what you say and think. It will also help you gather invaluable customer feedback and preference data.

3. Customers are Online

Online marketing is crucial since your customers are online. Most people are using the internet due to the increase in technology. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to reach out to everyone who is looking for your company.

People are constantly searching for relevant information about businesses, services, and products. They are using the internet to find all types of information. You can help your company by investing in internet marketing to reach all interested people.

Internet marketing is valuable to your business because it helps you connect with leads most interested in your industry.

4. It Makes Your Business Visible

You should increase visibility if you want many people to reach your business. It may challenge you to do it through offline tactics because you don’t have much control over who sees your marketing materials. With online marketing, you expose your business to many people in Kenya.

Your audience has access to your company’s website or social media accounts around the clock (24/7). This is the most effective way to promote your business online and get your name out there. Marketing via social media, content, and video are all important components.

When your brand is visible, more people become familiar with your business. If many people are familiar with your business, they are likelier to choose it when they are ready to convert. Their perception of your company is influenced by brand exposure.

5. Led Two-Way Communication

Online marketing has led to two-way communication where you provide clients with a way to connect with your business. When a person sees your PPC ad and has questions, they can get your contact information and reach you on time. The contact will help them chat, call, or email to ask questions.

Two-way communication has enabled you to establish relationships with your customers and make them feel welcome by your team and company. The association is valuable to your audience since they want to see as many plans as possible and are likely to choose businesses that value them personally.

When you have two-way communication with your consumers, they will not perceive you as trying to sell them something; rather, they will consider you a valuable source of information that assists them in making purchases. Relationship-building and connection with your audience boost the likelihood that they will become clients.

Communication was one-way in traditional advertising. You were required to create a TV or print ad in a newspaper and wait for your audience to see your ad and visit your business. The problem was when the customers wanted to ask a question or even learn more about your company, products, and services. It was hard to complete when you didn’t have a two-way conversation.

Marketing Agencies in Nairobi

In Kenya, we have many marketing agencies. The following are the five central marketing agencies available in Nairobi County.

1. Kwetu Marketing Agency

This is a marketing agency founded in Nairobi. It helps online brands flourish in digital Kenya by offering adequate and affordable online services and solutions such as digital marketing consultation and online brand management, professional website design, and mobile application development.

2. Moliv Marketing Agency

It is a Nairobi-based digital marketing agency in Kenya. It provides digital marketing services and an e-commerce store system and design. They offer business information technology solutions such as management systems, business websites, and digital marketing services.

3. Hakika Marketing

It is a premier digital marketing agency in Nairobi, Kenya. It helps to find the sweetest sport where strategy, design, and technique converge to drive the results you care about. Its goal is to develop precise digital marketing strategies, as well as to guide and assist in making good online marketing decisions.

4. Kenya Lifestyle

This is a marketing agency based in Nairobi. It is a dynamic and versatile group of designers, strategic thinkers, and web developers. Their passion lies in assisting their clients to reach their goals. The working team has excellent skills in design and positive energy.

5. Click Interactive Media

This agency helps brands discover their inner greatness. It began as a thought and evolved into a conversation between individuals and like-minded people over a double mocha. They began with paperwork and signatures at the beginning of their journey to become global. They are not only content-driven marketing but also create emotion, change perceptions, and make more connections.

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