How Much Does Noah Cost in Kenya? New Market Prices

The Toyota Noah is one of the vehicles that Toyota has never regretted producing. The vehicle is very spacious, so it can accommodate a variety of user requirements. The Noah is a seven-seater with a powerful engine ranging in capacity from 1,986 to 1,998cc. It also has an AWD/FF drive type and a maximum power range of 140 to 158 ps.

The Toyota Noah price in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 700,000 to Ksh. 5,000,000. These variations in prices may be due to factors such as the model and condition of the car.

The old Toyota Noah model for sale in Kenya is available all over the country. The old model can be purchased from a trusted car selling company or a trusted person. 

Second Hand Noah Car Price in Kenya 

The price of a second-hand Noah will range from Ksh. 700,000 to about Ksh. 1,000,000 on average. The variation in prices may also depend on the seller and the condition of the car.

Brand New Toyota Noah Price in Kenya

The price of a new Toyota Noah in Kenya is between Ksh. 1,500,000 and Ksh. 5,000,000 on average. That given range is due to the type and model of the vehicle. In simple terms, older models are cheaper than newer models. 

Toyota Car Hybrid

You can get the hybrid at a price which is from as low as Ksh. 2,900,000 onwards. The hybrid is an excellent option to consider since it has some of the most stunning features. 

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