How Can I Get a Certificate of Incorporation in Kenya Online?

Before knowing where to get a certificate of incorporation in Kenya, it is best to know what a certificate of incorporation is. Usually, a certificate specifies the company’s birth, more so as a separate entity. Usually, on the certificate, there is a date that makes the company a separate legal entity. The big question, however, is: how do I get a certificate of incorporation in Kenya? Keep reading to discover more about that.

Here is a short procedure that will help you get a certificate of incorporation in Kenya online:

1. Do a Name Search and Reservation

This is the first procedure before getting the certificate. Most of the time, a name search and reservation are done to get a company’s name. The name search and reservation usually take about three days to process fully.

You should, however, note that there is a payable amount for the process to take place. You must first complete the name reservation process on the eCitizen platform before proceeding.

2. Prepare the Statement of Nominal Capital, Memorandum and Article of Association

Memoranda and articles of association are very fundamental. Usually, you will need an attorney to help you write them. The advocate will use Form CR-2 to prepare the memorandum and articles of association.

While preparing these documents, you should remember that there is no payment of stamp duty. This is in accordance with the new Companies Act of 2015.

3. Registration of Documents with the Registrar of Companies

This is usually the third step before getting a certificate of incorporation. In this procedure, the advocate’s duty is to take your documents to the registrar of companies. Some documents are, however, required to be given to the advocate.

These documents include Form CR 1, CR 2, CR8, CR 10, a statement of normal capital, articles of association, an ID card, a passport photo, and a PIN certificate.

With those documents in the hands of the advocate, you will now be fully registered with no issues.

4. Payment of Registration Fees

The payment of the fees is very important. The payment is supposed to be done at the office of the registrar. After that, you’ll need to send the payment receipt along with the application documents so that the application can be processed.

The registration fees are Ksh 10,000 for all companies.

5. Issuance of the Certificate

The final step now is the issuance of the certificate of incorporation. When the registration is approved, you can usually get the certificate within 21 business days.

After that, you will be required to have a company’s seal, which will include your company name and can be used as a company’s signature.

How Can I Download a Certificate of Incorporation in Kenya?

After getting a certificate of incorporation, you may need to download it. To achieve this, you will have to follow an easy procedure to download it.

You will have to log in to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal. At the portal, you will follow the procedures that will enable you to get the certificate. You will, however, be required to make some payment before issuing the certificate.

How do I get my eCitizen Certificate of Incorporation? To get the certificate, you will need to visit the eCitizen portal. You will be required to follow a few easy steps and be good to go.

Can We Download Certificate of Incorporation?

Yes. You can download the certificate of incorporation. All that will be required of you is to visit the official website, key in your details, and you will be able to download your certificate with fewer problems.

So, it is possible to download the certificate and make a copy of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Check My Certificate of Incorporation in Kenya?

To check your certificate of incorporation, you will need to search the eCitizen portal. However, the search to be conducted is for a CR12 or official search.

2. Do All Companies Have a Certificate of Incorporation?

Yes. All companies that are registered with the company’s house always have a certificate of incorporation. The certificate is always very important since it fully certifies that your company is formed and registered with Companies House as well as under the Companies Act 2006.

3. Who Issues a Certificate of Incorporation?

Usually, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is responsible for the issuance of the certificate. The name is usually abbreviated as MCA. 

4. How Long Does It Take to Get a Certificate of Incorporation?

The time it takes to receive the certificate depends on several factors. For instance, getting the certificate will take 3-6 working hours if you use an agency for a digital certificate. On the other hand, it will take about 24 to 48 hours for a digital paper to be issued. So, it all depends on your preference, meaning you want to use it to get the certificate.

5. How Much Does Certificate of Incorporation Cost in Kenya

The certificate of incorporation costs Ksh 10,000, regardless of the nominal share capital.

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