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Search Kenya is the initiative of KDP (Kenya Development Palace), a web design house that is determined to see every business is accessible online. It is a website that is predominantly a portal for embedded websites where small businesses that wish to market themselves online at a minimum cost are able to do so. The site also offers a medium of advertising for other businesses and organisations. People depend on the internet to be their source of information. When they seek for any services they will go onto the internet and search for service providers online. Thus, it is very important to have ones business advertised online and be readily accessible to the global market and maximize on market share. Search Kenya seeks to offer everyone a chance to be able to market their business in the form of 3 web pages, that way, they get the benefits of having a website without the cost implications of actually having one. In the case that one requires their own website in the future they will be provided with one at a discounted price.

For online users, Search Kenya validates businesses that use the Search Kenya portal as actual businesses. So you are assured that the business is in actual existence and not a virtual sham.



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